Frequently Asked Questions


What is QUIPA?

QUIPA is your Quick, Intelligent Project Assistant; a software system to help workrooms manage and quote projects. It’s like a personal assistant for your workroom.

Who can use QUIPA?

Anyone can use QUIPA, but it is a platform designed for professionals in the custom soft furnishing industry. The program was originally built by Hope Arbery, a workroom owner and interior designer, to streamline and automate processes in her own business. After realizing how many others in the industry could benefit from the platform, she began rebuilding and expanding its offerings so that it can support other workrooms.

When will QUIPA be available? 

We will release several features in 2019. Building software for this industry is extremely complex, so we will not announce more specific dates prior to the actual launch. We simply do not want to give any promises we can’t keep. Be the first to know about our launch and newest releases by signing up for our email list

Do you offer a free trial?

We do not currently offer a free trial for QUIPA.

What if I forgot my password?

On the login page, click “forgot password” and follow the prompts to reset your password.

What if I forgot my login email?

Please contact for further assistance.

Do you offer a desktop version of QUIPA?

QUIPA is a cloud-based software that you can access from anywhere you have internet connection. We do not offer a desktop version and do not have plans for this in the future. We love that a cloud-based solution can be used from anywhere, the office or on-site.

What are the computer requirements for using QUIPA?

QUIPA is optimized for use on desktop computer browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Please ensure your browser has been updated to the latest version. 


I am not very good at using technology. Will I be able to learn how to use QUIPA? 

QUIPA is a very easy to use system that walks you through the process of quoting draperies in a question and answer format. If you use a smartphone, internet, or email on a semi-regular basis, we are confident you will be able to learn how to use QUIPA to quote orders faster and with fewer errors than you can on paper. 

What custom products will you be adding to QUIPA next?

We are starting with “rod and ring” style draperies and will soon add other variations of draperies, roman shades, and pillows.

What currencies does QUIPA support? 

Currently, QUIPA supports US Dollars ($). In the future, we do intend to broaden our list of supported currencies. Please let us know what currency you would like by emailing us at  

Is QUIPA available in metric or imperial measurements? 

Currently, QUIPA uses imperial measurements. We intend to offer both imperial and metric measurement options in the future. 

Does QUIPA include an accounting system? 

No, QUIPA is a complementary software that works with your accounting system, but it does not replace your current accounting system.  

Does QUIPA integrate with QuickBooks?

With QUIPA you will be able to import and export crucial information to/from your accounting system of choice via Excel or CSV file. We are assessing whether to integrate with one or more accounting programs in the future.

I have an idea for QUIPA. Where do I send it?

Great; we’d love to hear your idea! Please email us at